Looking for a Wedding Venue? Try These Unique Settings

This guest post is by Andrew Lisa,  a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about event planning, online business tools, and how to save money on a variety of things including car insurance.

If your wedding is the most important day of your life – or at least the most important party you’ll ever throw – it should be totally and completely representative of you, your passions, your style and taste. The overwhelming majority of weddings, however, are predictable, cookie-cutter affairs that are pre-fabricated and endlessly repeated.

Most people haven’t been to a few dozen weddings. Most people have been to a few dozen of the same wedding. Think outside the box and pick a venue that speaks to you.

Channel Your Inner Artist

Most art museums are equipped to hold large, formal gatherings. In fact, they do all the time. Fundraisers, exhibitions, and private viewings are all formal, catered events that draw dozens or hundreds of people.

Instead of your local hall, check to see if prices are comparable to have your wedding reception at the art museum. No one will ever forget a wedding in which the bride had to compete for beauty with priceless works of art.

Wineries are vast, open, beautiful structures replete with ambiance and charm.

A Winery

Wineries are a brilliant combination of formal and cool. Often large, open structures, wineries provide ambiance and charm unrivaled by any other venue. They are often situated in picturesque, naturally beautiful landscapes.

Equipped to hold large tours, many wineries are set up for big gatherings. Whether or not they have in-house catering is debatable. But one thing is certain – wine is the social lubricant of weddings, and they have it by the barrel.

Camp Out

Open-air campsites are often equipped with modern amenities for the less rugged of the camping world. Large, beautiful, outdoor spaces can be fitted with tents for inclement weather and have infrastructure such as bathrooms and electrical outlets. Quaint cabins for the guests can bump the boring hotel rooms. While this setup is not for everybody, anyone who has ever been to an outdoor wedding whose reception included a big bonfire can tell you that a campground wedding is truly unforgettable.

Butterfly gardens are naturally beautiful and built to hold large groups.

Flowers and Butterflies

Your closest city probably has a botanical garden and a butterfly conservatory. Either option has lush, natural beauty built in with an amazingly beautiful backdrop of natural splendor. Exotic and charming, botanical gardens and butterfly zoos are vast and open with necessary infrastructure built in. One big burden of planning a wedding is getting flowers. That will be all taken care of for you in advance.

Make your wedding your own. You only (hopefully) get married once, and although the obvious cookie-cutter reception is easy, it’s not memorable and it’s not your own. Exotic and odd venues can actually be far less expensive and require less work than a traditional reception. It’s your wedding – make sure it represents who you are and what you love.