Be Happy and Be Healthy

Life Horizons

A new body map helps us see the link between our emotional and physical selves. When strolling through the park to meet with our sweetheart we walk lightly with our heart pounding with excitement. Anxiety tightens our muscles and makes our hands sweat and tremble before an important job interview. A new body map tells us exactly where we feel different emotions – an important step in understanding our health.

Often we link our emotions and our bodily states by the way we speak. For example we say; a young bride getting married next week may suddenly have “cold feet,” disappointed lovers may be “heartbroken,” and our favorite song may send “a shiver down our spine.” Our emotions prepare us to meet challenges in our surrounding environment by adjusting the cardiovascular, skeletomuscular, neuroendocrine, and autonomic nervous systems.

Our feelings are triggered by our perception of our bodily states. Our conscious…

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