Unique Ice Bars Freshen Up Your Event

This guest post is by Dax Vyas who is associated with FestiveIce. Festive Ice is a one of the leading ice sculpture designer based in Ontario, Canada. It provides services regarding Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain for wedding decorations. You can also connect him at Facebook and twitter.

Using unique ice bars for events is a cool new concept being embraced these days. This kind of bars work well for nearly all kinds of events, are easy to customize, help keep drinks chilled and look fabulous. You can get an ice bar designed for your wedding from one of the numerous sculptors in the market specializing in the trade. Designs, styles and sizes are many, and you can find one to perfectly suit your vibes.

Whether the event is professional or personal, ice bars are an amazing value-adding décor element. Here is how you use ice sculpted bars:


Weddings and cocktails have always gone hand-in-hand, and will continue to do so. If you are bored of the usual serving affairs and want to try something new on your wedding, go for a bar made of nothing but frozen water. The drinking experience of your guests will be enhanced by a customized stylish ice bar. Most ice bars are so picturesque that they will even make for great photographs in your wedding album. So amaze your friends and family with an ice bar on your one-of-a-kind wedding.


Bachelor/Bachelorette/Stag & Doe Parties

At these parties you want to celebrate on a scale grander than usual. On such events, an exotic bar completely or partially made of ice will add panache. Emboss on your ice bar your names and date to create a complementary décor to the celebration. Your friends will love to be sitting at an ice bar while they raise a toast to you!

Adding Zing to Ice Bars

Several elements constitute a great ice bar. If you have ever been to an ice lounge, you’d know the fun factor that ice glasses and other ice-made things bring in. You can create a similar atmosphere at your event by incorporating the following in your ice bar.

Ice Glasses: Frozen glasses to keep drinks cool are a great thing to add to your ice bar. The glasses need not be confined to some boring, usual shape. You can make them as cute or as whacky or as unique as you like. You can add color or keep them colorless – choices are a-plenty.

Ice Tabletops: A bar tabletop made of ice and backlit by subtle lights in a semi-lit room will add a magical touch to your event. It will take the drinking ritual to an all new level, and your guests won’t be able to appreciate you enough for giving them such a great time.

Ice Luges: The fantastic bar experience of being served through an ice luge never fails to impress. Alcoholic beverages get to just the right temperature when you pour them through a luge. A bartender who knows how to utilize luges well would further enhance your experience. We recommend that you go for the luge even if you don’t have the rest of the bar made of ice.

Ice Bottle Holders: With the purpose of keeping drinks cool and achieving a chic appearance, bottle holders made of ice are a wise addition to a bar at a formal event. Beautiful bottles kept in transparent ice bottle holders look irresistible. With the right lighting in the bar, they’d look even more inviting.

 Invest in an impressive décor at your event by setting up an ice bar, and get yourself ready to hear loads of praises on your sense of aesthetics!