How Many Diamonds in a Wedding Band Is Too Much?

Today’s guest post is by Erin Steiner ,a writer for Media Shower, one of the top 10 article writing companies on the web. She covers topics ranging from pop culture to marriage services to small business and everything in between.

Did you know that the diamond ring has only been considered traditional for engagements and the wedding ceremony for about a hundred years? While rings have always been used ceremonially, the diamond ring is only as common as it is because of a marketing campaign run by DeBeers in the early part of the 20th century. True story!

Now diamond rings are just as commonly exchanged as wedding bands; they are given to symbolize an engagement. Sometimes the bride will even be given a wedding band that fits together with her engagement band, turning them into a single piece on her finger…and that made me wonder: Isn’t there such a thing as too much?

It’s beautiful, but is it *you*?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the number and carat of the diamonds set into an engagement or wedding band. We’ve evolved into a “the more the specialier” society where women are comparing their bands to the bands of their friends or family members. (This happens in every part of the getting married process, from comparing marriage services to the wedding ceremony.) Some women have even admitting to equating their diamond count to how much their fiancé/husband loves them.

Now, don’t worry: This post isn’t going to be me jumping up on a soapbox and telling you that love can’t be measured in carats. If that’s your thing, and you and your fiancé can afford it, go to town. Still, there is such a thing as “too much diamond.” It’s a fine line between lovely and tacky. Here’s how to find it where that line lives for you.

1. How Big Is Your Hand?

If you have small hands or narrow fingers, the bigger your ring, the harder it is going to be for your hand to deal with – both in size and weight. Remember: The more diamonds you have, the more complicated your ring’s setting will be, and that can be a lot to handle. It can even get pretty heavy, depending on the size of the diamonds. You want the ring to accent your hand, not overpower it!

2. What Do You Do?

Do you use your hands a lot during the day? For example, I’m a writer. This means I spend most of my day typing away on a keyboard. A big ring with lots of diamonds would likely get in my way and trip up my fingers as I type. If you use your hands to do your job and want to wear your ring on your hand (as opposed to clipping it to your shirt or wearing it on a chain around your neck), dainty is better.

3. Are You Clumsy?

This one probably speaks for itself.

See how well it suits her hand?

4. Room to Grow

One tradition that is becoming more popular is the adding of diamonds and other stones to commemorate major anniversaries and milestones (like the births of your children). If you like the idea of adopting this as your own tradition, remember that your engagement and wedding are just the beginning. If you go too big too soon, you’ll have nowhere to go!

5. Personality Matters

Believe it or not, your personality is going to play a large role in whether or not your ring “fits.” A small person with a big personality can make a big ring with lots of diamonds look perfect on her hand. If you’re quieter and more reserved, though, a big sparkly ring will look outlandish.

Finally, remember that this is about you. What do you want? What do you think looks best and feels best on your hand? What someone else thinks is their own business. As long as you’re happy with the ring, that is truly all that matters.