3 Fun Budget Friendly Ideas for Your Wedding

Our guest blogger today is Dexter Bell who plans special events. He enjoys finding practical ways to make events beautiful and memorable.

Just because you’re trying to get your wedding in on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice on the essentials. You just need to do things differently.


The soundtrack to your wedding

Whether you prefer traditional wedding staples like Pachelbel’s Canon, the Wedding March and Here Comes the Bride playing in the background at your wedding or romantic hip-hop, you deserve to get the musical feel that you hope for. The fact that you are on a tight budget shouldn’t make you change your choice of wedding sound. You just need to be creative about the way you manage to get the right music.

If you have a little room in your budget, you should consider hiring nonprofessional musicians like music students from a local community college. You can usually get a full band for half what a professional wedding band would cost you. Music students are usually grateful for a chance to play in public in return for a little spending money.

If your wedding music budget is particularly tight, you can consider skipping a band in favor of a solo instrumentalist. The least expensive way of setting your wedding to some music, though, is to hire a DJ. Hiring a friend with good musical taste to play the part of DJ can actually be free. You just need to spend money on renting equipment.

You can skip the videographer too

It can be a wonderful experience to see your wedding through the eyes of 20 different guests. If you are on a tight budget, skipping the wedding videographer in favor of guest videos can be a fun alternative. Some wedding businesses (Wedit is one example) actually offer a specific product to help couples put such videos together. They sell packages of cheap Flip video cameras that the couple can pass around to guests. After the wedding, you can gather footage from all these cameras, bring in additional footage that friends with their own cameras are willing to contribute and put an entertaining video montage together. When you upload the video to a video sharing site, your guests will be able to use a program like YouTube Converter to keep their own personal copy.

Making a photo booth for fun memories

If you have a hard time finding room in your budget for a professional wedding photographer and don’t want to compromise by simply thrusting a camera into a family member’s hands, you can do the next best thing – use the cameras that your guests already have. Both the iOS and Android platforms have apps to help bring wedding guest photos together in one album. WedPics, Wedding Party and Snapable, for instance, are popular wedding photo collecting apps.

If many of your guests don’t have smartphones or cameras on them, you can simply find a wedding camera rental business in your area. These businesses let you rent out dozens of cameras for a day.

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