Table Decorations Finish Your Wedding Decor

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For your wedding reception, have you thought about table decorations? Your wedding is a big thing in your life so you should be ready to make everything ceremonial and memorable. I want to give some ideas on table decoration, mostly to the dining tables and its environment. You know that dining tables are the important place to enjoy the wedding party and so you want to make a spectacular impression to the guests.  In fact, there are many individual segments that make a unique wedding table to enjoy the ceremony. Here are some of them.


A dramatic centerpiece

With multiple tables of eight to ten guests, you may take a traditional look where each table would have some sort of focal point or centerpiece. For a fashionable look, many couples like centerpieces that don’t all make a mono scenario, but that goes after a similar theme. It is preferable that they are all the same color but made of different things, or maybe they are made from the same flowers with different heights.

The most popular shape of centerpiece is a flower arrangement with different sizes and colors either fresh or artificial, but there are plenty of other options to consider too. Obviously, candles make superb table center with a glazing power, especially when you assemble a few of different heights, into different pots such a float some in a bowl of water. A group of helium balloons, an ornamental stand of cupcakes, and a lamp to match your theme or a miniature tree bejeweled with ornaments are all of good choices.

Luxurious table linen   glaze

A conventionally wedding linen table is simple white or ivory to provide a contrast to the colorful flowers and decorations. To add luxury, highly patterned table linen in bold colors is now-a-days becoming more common, with simple accessories placed on top.

It is better that with several tables; try to find different colored table cloths in various shades of your wedding color that will bring a warmer effect than pure white. If you think an entire table of color is too much for you, look for table runners in your wedding color, or make them out of the same material as your bridesmaid’s dresses to bring them together.


Shimmering table confetti

Using confetti as a finishing to the decorations can add a touch of enchantment to your tables. You can use traditional paper confetti, but this can get soggy if drinks are spilt. It is better to go for metallic confetti instead, with horse shoes, stars and hearts to make your tables shimmer.

The current trend is using crystals in every aspect of your wedding. A few heart-touching crystals on each table will really add sparkle to your wedding. It adds more romantic option if it is to scattered freeze dried rose petals on the tables to balance your wedding flowers and color scheme.

You have more options like Wine Bottle with Personalize Label to personalize the wedding table where the guests will take their seat to make joy and enjoy the feast but you have to think the budget and also availability of the requisite elements to decorate the scenario.