Your Wedding Colors: What Kind of Mood Do You Want to Set?

One of the most overlooked – but most important – parts of wedding planning is choosing the perfect color scheme. The colors you choose set the ambiance, mood, and tone for the entire day. While taste is, of course, subjective, there are tried-and-true themes that can put the finishing touch on the most important day of your life. One great strategy is to choose your colors according to season.

Follow this guide to making your colors match the month of your wedding.

Make your colors match the season of your wedding.


Contrary to popular belief, winter weddings can be amazing – and beautiful. A winter wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to stray off the beaten path of the “traditional” wedding color schemes.

February weddings are a natural draw to Valentine’s Day colors. Bold, deep reds paired with crisp white match not just Valentine’s Day, but the whole holiday season. Also, explore strong metallic colors, as well as deep greens and shimmery jewel accents.


A very coveted wedding season, spring is the season of natural rebirth. That natural palette can be the basis of your colors. Spring is bursting with bright flowers, budding leaves, blooming blossoms, and fresh grass peeking up through the thawing ground. Pastels such as lavender and yellow, soft greens and cherry-blossom pink make a room burst with color and life.


Summer is hot, and so should be your colors. Loud and bright, summer colors should sizzle and spark, just like your June, July, or August wedding. Orange, fuchsia, and aqua blue are just begging to make their way into your reception. Hot, eye-popping pinks can be tempered with deep, chocolate brown or ’70s orange.


The autumn wedding is among the most classic and traditional of all nuptial parties. Stay close to the theme of the season with subdued but charming earth tones. Heavy browns, glazed orange, and matte yellow can work brilliantly not just in your invitations, bridesmaids dresses, and flowers, but in your cake and even your choice of cuisine. Fall is calling out for gold, ivory, bone, and off-white.

Wedding colors are so important, yet so often considered as an afterthought.

Whether it’s flowers, tablecloths, invitations, and even attire, the colors you choose will dominate your entire wedding day, including your ceremony. It’s normal and natural to just go with your favorite colors, but the day is as much about your guests as it is about you. Picking seasonal colors gives you the chance to establish a theme that matches flawlessly with the time of year. Get creative and, oh – congratulations!

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about event planning and securing a bad credit card loan.