Wedding Bouquets of 2013

Flowers and weddings go together. They are part of the romance. Flowers add beauty, delicacy and flare to an event. I love lots of flowers. But what will you choose for your day?

From 2013, here are bouquets from brides whose wedding ceremony I performed. As you can see, they add personality to the day. They reflect who you are. Have fun designing your bouquet.

Roses are always popular and classically romantic. Be careful as a big bouquet can be heavy to hold for a length of time.



Tulips seem to be another favorite. They come in a variety of colors and are lighter to carry.




Mixed Flowers are also gaining in favor. You can really personalize the look to your wedding theme in color and feeling.




Be creative with your bouquet. For example, add some lights to it!

Lit Bouquet

A bouquet of flowers is a must for a wedding day in my mind. It depicts who you are and adds romance to the event. We don’t often have occasion to be surrounded by such gifts of nature. It underlines the importance of the day to have them. So enjoy them.


  1. Bridal bouquets come in many different colors and styles. Now a day there are a fashion of bouquets is matching with bridal dress. Your bridal bouquet should say who you are without having to say a word. The right bouquet for you depends on the design of your dress and the style of your wedding celebration.Generally bridal use white bouquet because of her dress that she is wear that night it is also white.

  2. beautiful! love seeing how many different styles of bouquets there are- every bouquet tells you a little something about the bride!

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