Lisa and Colin: Up, Up, and Away

For anyone in the audience Lisa and Colins wedding seemed like a pretty standard affair. Except for the ending.

I tell my wedding couples that a wedding ceremony needs to be one that is easily recognized as such by your guests. A ceremony needs to feel like it reaches into the traditions of our past. Yet, I also encourage them to personalize it so that it suits their personalities and life-style.

So it was with Lisa and Colin. Their ceremony started like many others with Colin and I waiting for Lisa to start her way down the aisle.

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She came down looking radiant with Dad and Mom. And the service was underway.

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They exchanged personal vows with each other.


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and of course the kiss!

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However, at this point, rather than end the ceremony, I invited everyone outdoors.

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At this point, Lisa and Colin took their vows and placed them in an envelope. In a message in the bottle theme, they attached the envelope to helium filled balloons. They released their love sharing it with the world.

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A neat idea to gift your love to the universe.

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