Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

You have finally found the right person. You have thought about this for a while. You are ready to pop the big question. Asking for someone’s hand in marriage will be one of the most significant acts of your life. Making sure you have the right engagement ring to impress your partner is an important part of the process. How will you decide what is the perfect ring?

wedding ring

1. Budget

Probably one of the least romantic aspects of choosing a ring, your budget must play an important role in your ring decision. Even if you may feel like your partner deserves the nicest ring that money can buy, if you cannot afford such a ring there is no reason to put yourself in debt to obtain it. Your partner knows your financial situation and loves you regardless, so going into debt to buy an extravagant ring is unnecessary and simply counterproductive. Beginning a new life with your partner is difficult enough without the additional burden of engagement ring debt. Several types of engagement rings can be found on the market today that could impress your fiancé-to-be. Look for rings within your budget that will be meaningful to your loved one.

2. Meaning

The meaning behind the purchase of an engagement ring for your partner is the most important aspect of your choice. Before even thinking about the style of the ring you would like to buy, make sure you know your partner’s family history. They may have a ring that has been kept in their family as an heirloom for centuries that they would prefer to receive over any store-bought purchase.

Even if this is not the case, you want the ring to have a great deal of significance since your partner will most likely be wearing it for the rest of their life. This means that you should choose a ring that has some sort of significance for both you and your partner. Can you find the type of ring that your partner first pointed out to you at the beginning of your relationship? Choosing a ring like this will show that you remember even the smallest of interactions from years before and that you put a great deal of thought into your purchase. Can you find the same sort of ring as their favourite celebrity that you know they adore? Again, putting this much thought and effort into your ring purchase will make the proposal all the more meaningful.

3.  Style

Choosing the style of the ring is the next great hurdle. You want the ring’s style to mirror that of your fiancé-to-be. Do they prefer loud and noticeable accessories that garner conversation topics? If so, aim for a memorable ring that has some character. Conversely, maybe they usually wear more subtle jewellery that quietly complements their more subdued style. If this is the case, look at rings that reflect this type of calm style. You want your partner to be able to have their engagement ring blend in with their look.

4. Design

The last challenge of choosing an engagement ring is the complicated matter of ring design. If you do not happen to be a jeweller, the ring market can easily seem overwhelming. For traditional diamond engagement rings, the Gemmological institute of America has created an international standard for rating diamonds to help you in your search based on the Four C’s: Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. The colour of a diamond is rated from D to Z, with D being colourless and the best grade and Z representing yellowed diamonds with more non-carbon elements present. The clarity of the diamond refers to the number of irregularities and imperfections on both the inside and outside of the diamond. An FL rating stands for flawless clarity while an I3 rating indicated the lowest level of perfection. The cut of the diamond measures how well the diamond’s faces catch the light, essentially acting a measure of sparkliness, and range from being Excellent to Poor. The carat is the simplest measure to understand, referencing the weight of the diamond. Ask your jeweller which ratings are within your price budget in which combination to understand your own range of ring possibilities.

The type of band of the ring is also extremely important. Most buyers look for rings in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and silver. Choose the metal base that complements the stones you would like to include and the overall style of the ring. Keep in mind your partner’s skin tone and other jewellery pieces to make sure the ring will look the best on their finger.

Choosing the right ring to propose to your partner with is a huge decision that deserves a great deal of thought and planning. Think about what meaning you would like to instil in the ring and your partner’s style preferences and common design choices while staying within your budget to find the perfect ring and impress your loved one!

This is an article by Anita, writer for, writing on behalf of Macy’s. She is a blogger, fashion enthusiast and a cat-lover.