Maid of Honour Cheat Sheet

The House of Fraser in the UK recently sought my advice for the Maid of Honor. See what I said below and check out the full article.

Suzie & Girls

  1.  You are there to lend assistance to the bride so it’s not about you. There is a lot going on and you are key to being the one who can run interference for her.
  2. Make sure the bride keeps her energy up. Often with all the excitement, they forget to eat and drink enough fluids.
  3.  Have a glass of wine with the bride. It helps calm the nerves and allows you to have a bit of a good time. Make sure it is white wine.
  4.  Tell the bride she looks beautiful – often. She wants to look her best and needs that confirmed.
  5.  Unplanned things are just memorable events to be remembered. Things will go not completely as planned. Go with the flow instead of stressing out. These are things that memories are made of.
  6.  Laugh. It is a great way to relieve stress. This is an important time. But it is also a time of pure joy.
  7.  Hold your flowers at your belly button coming down the aisle. It keeps them in the right place.
  8.  Look up coming down the aisle. Your picture is being taken. You want a picture of you looking radiant as well. Not looking down in front of you. Enjoy the moment.
  9.  Cry with her. These are tears of joy.
  10.  Smile.