How Should You Propose?

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So you’re thinking of popping the question. How exciting! This is quite a big decision that requires a lot of thought and planning. We’re here to help you come up with the perfect type of proposal for your special one.


Before drafting up a plan, you need to consider a few things first:

Should you discuss this proposal with your girlfriend’s parents?

Asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage sounds so old-fashioned, but some women still prefer this courtesy these days. It’s also a sign of respect, because you’re showing your girlfriend’s parents that you would like their permission to become part of their family. You might want to consider doing this if your girlfriend has a good relationship with her parents. If things are rocky between her and her parents, then you’d better leave this alone.

Is your girlfriend introverted or extroverted?

This is important. You need to take your girlfriend’s social preferences into consideration, because asking her in the wrong type of setting can create a disaster. An introverted girl’s worst nightmare is to be asked the big question in front a huge audience, and an extroverted girl might be a tad bit disappointed with being proposed to in a private setting where there are no witnesses.

Is there anyone you believe your girlfriend would want to witness the marriage proposal?

If your girlfriend has a special person (or people) in her life that you think she would want to be part of the proposal, then you might want to think about the different ways you can include them. For example, you can have your girlfriend’s best friend hide with a camera to capture the moment. That, or you can orchestrate an elaborate proposal where you can have your girlfriend’s close-knit family hold up a sign at an unexpected time. Think about who you would want to include in your proposal before hatching a plan.

Once you have these three important elements figured out, it’s time to come up with the perfect proposal. You need to make sure your girlfriend’s happy and comfortable right before you pop the question.

Think about your girlfriend’s hobbies.

What type of activity makes her happy? Does she love hiking? Shopping? Mountain biking? You can figure out how to incorporate a proposal into one of her favorite activities. For example, if she likes Geocaching, you can create a super-secret Geocache with the ring in it and have her “find” it.

Does your girlfriend have a favorite place?

There’s nothing better than to be asked the big question in one of your most favorite places in the world, right? If you have an extroverted girlfriend with a favorite NFL team, then you should totally propose on the jumbotron during a game break, or have the question written on your favorite NFL apparel! If your girlfriend has a favorite hiking trail with a special spot, then take her up there before popping the question. If your girlfriend has a vacation spot she constantly visits, then take her there. If your girlfriend has a favorite restaurant… well, you get the idea.

You don’t have to go all out.

Not every woman expects a super elaborate marriage proposal. In fact, some women would actually prefer something unassuming. If you’re going to propose at home, then make sure you somehow make it extra special. Even the most low-maintenance woman in the world would still want a special proposal story to tell!