video 3 Fails Equals 1 Wedding Disaster!

I really feel sorry for everyone involved in this incident captured in video and posted on YouTube.

Most of the comments on YouTube really criticize the Minister in this instance. The couple look absolutely stunned by the Minister’s insistence that the videography stop. The videographers react slowly irking him on.

Every photographer I have worked with has run into this issue where the Priest/Minister/Reverend/Officiant turns and chastises them for taking photographs. The video on YouTube certainly documents how ugly the situation can become.

Most of the comments on the YouTube video harshly criticize the Minister for the stance he took. But in all fairness, all three parties failed in making this a happy wedding occasion.

The Couple: It is up to the couple to discuss with the person performing the ceremony the boundaries for capturing the event. To not do so is irresponsible. How can they assume that the Minister will go along with whatever happens?

The Photographer/ Videographer: Shame on them for not checking in with the Minister as to what is allowed. The professionals I deal with ALWAYS consult me as to what they are planning. Since most of them have been burnt by a screaming Minister they know that they need to be discrete. I’m sorry – but a video camera in the arch overlooking my shoulder during a ceremony would push my boundaries too.

The Minister: He was reckless in not dealing with the situation before it happened. Photography and videography are course of business in a wedding. He needed to talk to the couple and photographers/videographers before the wedding to discuss what he would accept and not. I plan out all the lines of sight for each wedding I do.

In fairness to him, he has the right under the Human RIghts Code on Religious Freedoms to demand whatever he wants. He needed to communicate that before a scene was made. And if the couple did not like this in the planning leading up to the wedding, they could have asked for another officiant.

The unfortunate and sad result of this extreme lack of communication on expectations was one huge disaster. It always comes down to DON’T ASSUME because you know what ASSUME does… makes an ASS out of U and ME.


  1. Ahh but you may be a bit mistaken, if you read the comments below the originally posted video you see that the photographer has replied as well and says he did ask the minister before hand and was told only to stay out of the isle

    • Interesting indeed. BTW is is aisle. Nonetheless, it seems they took him too literally. It should have been a clue to probe further. Like I said, it was a fail on all parties, including the minister.

  2. I agree Alan. I always discuss the photography at the planning meeting. When I arrive at the venue I make a point of talking to all of the other professionals involved. It’s simple common sense and ensures a smooth ceremony.

  3. Yes interesting for sure. BTW it is (not is is ) 🙂 Sorry I had to correct you as well. When a question is asked of someone and they respond how far do you go with the same question? I am not saying that I disagree with you, however If you are asked and you say you can not go here or here and then they say what about here here and here.. and you say no those are fine then I ask again what about here. Would it not be a bit frustrating repeating yourself?

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