Hiring a Wedding Planner: Why It’s a Good Idea

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Erika Potter, Guest Author

Did you know that for most brides, it takes an average about 250 hours to plan a wedding? That sort of time commitment is obviously well justified, however, that doesn’t make it easy on you or your relationship. Apart from the time involved, there’s a lot of physical and emotional effort that’s put into planning a wedding, both by the bride and as a couple. For some brides, the planning process becomes so much to handle that they’d just rather skip to the honeymoon.

In reality, though, your wedding day should be one of the most enjoyable days of your new life together. For many brides, their solution to being able to have fun in the planning process and enjoying their big day is to hire a wedding planner. If you’re just getting started in the planning process and aren’t quite sure whether a wedding planner…

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