5 Fantastic Unity Candle Ceremony Alternatives

This guest post is by Jennifer Clair from YumYumWeddings.com about choosing alternatives for unity candles for your wedding ceremony.

Not everyone wants to do a unity candle ceremony. Some couples want to do something very unique or different because that resonates with them. Here are some fantastic unity candle ceremony alternatives to think about.


The rose ceremony – Just like a unity candle lighting, the rose ceremony involves the mothers of the bride and groom. They each bring a vase or bouquet of roses down the aisle and place it in the center. Each mother will have a different color of rose though. Then during ceremony, the two of you can read a passage that have chosen, and start the symbolic act of blending the two families. You can go and take some flowers from your mother’s flower vase and input them in a single, larger arrangement with your new spouse.

The salt ceremony – The ceremony comes from some ancient traditions. The bride will give a handful of salt to her new groom, making sure to not spill any. He then passes it back to her very carefully. This exchange goes on three times between the two of them before moving on to each of your respective parents. This can be a very emotionally intense ceremony.


Sand ceremony – The unity Sand ceremony is the most popular candle alternative right now. Similar to the one ceremony, each mother will walk down the aisle with a small glass container full of a colored sand. Then during ceremony, the bride and groom will pour the sand from those classes into a new container. Depending on the colors of sand used, you can make some really cool looking patterns. Then you can take the new sand container and proudly display it in your house together as a symbol of the new life that the two of you have.

A unity tree – Are you environmentally aware? If so you will love this alternative. First you start by purchasing a sapling of a sturdy tree. Make sure it will grow wherever you decide to live in the next few years. There are several ways to perform the ceremony, but they all involve the mothers putting some dirt into a new pot together. Then the bride and groom will plant a tree and water it. However you do it is really up to you. You could have your parents water it with you if you want.


The wine ceremony – This is becoming a very popular alternative, especially among couples who enjoy wine. Starting out each of your parents will pour a small glass of wine and set it aside, or bring a small picture of wine. Then during ceremony the bride and groom will pour the wine from their respective parents class into a new glass. They will then each drink from this new wine mixture.

Personally I believe that a unity tree and a sand ceremony are very interesting ideas. I understand not everyone wants to do a unity candle, so by exploring some of the alternatives you can make a wedding that is really yours.

What do you think you would choose? Do you like the sand ceremony? Or are you more of a wine drinker and like that type of ceremony? Let us know in the comments.


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