The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Wedding Gift Guide

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Weddings are expensive, even if they’re not yours. In this day and age, wedding guests are expected to cover a lot of costs, including wedding attire, transportation, sometimes lodging, sometimes alcoholic drinks, and most definitely gifts.

Most times, it’s the wedding gift that breaks the bank. A $500 gift to newlyweds has become quite the norm nowadays… unfortunately. It’s gotten so bad that one couldn’t even dream of bringing a fruitcake or an equally inexpensive gift to a wedding. According to society, wedding gifts have to be expensive and elaborate. That kind of stinks, doesn’t it?

Well, you don’t have to plunk down hundreds of dollars in order to give a nice wedding gift. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t put together something nice, sweet, and memorable for the newlyweds. Here’s a guide to giving a great wedding gift without going broke.

Registry gifts

So the couple has a registry. If you want to give a gift off the registry, scan it for things you can afford. Look for $4.99 linen napkins, $50 coffee machines, or even $30 mixing bowls. Determine your budget beforehand and figure out what you can get off the registry with it. You can opt for a gift that’s made up of a bunch of small cheap stuff from the registry (such as those $4.99 linen napkins), or you can go with one large item within your budget. If the couple asked for it, then they’ll be more than happy to receive it from you!


Featured coffee maker from Macy’s

Household gifts

If the couple has taken it upon themselves to register at Crate & Barrel or another store where nothing is under $100, you can take the matters into your own hands. If you know the couple really well, you can opt for a gift you know they don’t have and will use around the house. Such examples include a toaster, a coffee machine, a bread maker, a juicer, a throw blanket, or – if they’re the outdoorsy type – a framed map of the hiking trails around them. If you don’t know the couple that well, you’d probably be better off giving a gift from one of the following categories.

Cash gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are cash or gift certificates! You can stuff cash or a gift certificate into the card and call it a day. Only do this when you’re positive that the bride won’t throw a hissy fit like this one. You can also consider giving the newlyweds a savings bond – which is one of the safest investments one could ever make.

Handmade gifts

If you’re the crafty type, go ahead and make something for the newlyweds! They’ll appreciate the sentiment and the time you took to make their gift. A few ideas include a handcrafted wooden bookcase, a crocheted throw blanket, a paint-dipped utensil holder, or a glass-etched bowl.

Service-based gifts

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, weddings are expensive, especially for the people throwing it. You can try to help offset the newlyweds’ wedding costs by offering service-based assistance in lieu of a gift. If you’re known for making beautiful cakes, you can offer to make their wedding cake. If you can work the sewing machine with your eyes closed, you can tailor the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you’re a graphic designer, go ahead and ask if you can create their wedding invitation and/or program for them. Whatever service you choose to offer, make sure you’re good at it, do it right, and meet all the deadlines! The last thing you want to do is to inconvenience the bride and groom and to add stress to their big day. Do everything free of charge, and the newlyweds will most likely feel eternally grateful to you for helping make their wedding day easier for them.