5 Outdoor-Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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Almost every couple that is about to get married has great plans in mind. They want to get married in an idyllic place, probably right by a nice body of water, with a sunny sky and a breeze just cool enough to make everyone feel comfortable throughout the ceremony and the party that follows. Yet, outdoor-weddings involve a great deal of meticulous preparation. Bad surprises can happen for a bunch of reasons and at any time. Here are five potential outdoor wedding disasters and some solutions to help you avoid them.

1. The inexperienced caterer

Having a good caterer is critical for any wedding ceremony. Yet, having a super good caterer is probably even more important if your wedding takes place outdoors. Ideally, your caterer should not be preparing food and serving it at an outdoor wedding for the first time in his career because nature has its own challenges that indoor catering does not know. Think about what it would be like if your food was not served at the right temperature. Think about what it would be like if bees and insects were flying all around the buffet and bothering everyone? Even worse: think about what it would be like if your wonderful cake was displayed too early and started to melt or turn into a sticky mess because of the hot temperature? That is why you need to hire a caterer who really knows how to perform his job… outdoors!

2. It is pouring cats and dogs

Bad weather is one of the things future spouses dread the most when they are putting their outdoor wedding together. Of course, clouds, cold temperature and gusty winds are all undesirable. But rain is probably the meteorological factor that is the most threatening for your wedding. You should therefore rent a tent that is big enough for all of your guests to comfortably fit under the same piece of canvas. You should also plan some great photo spots that will allow you build a beautiful album even if it is pouring cats and dogs: think about setting up a wonderful flower arrangement under the tent, for instance.

3. The leaking makeup

Warm weather is the little sister of… transpiration! Imagine the scene: the weather is more than perfect for the wedding ceremony of your dreams that you are about to have, but you did not expect that the weather would be so warm that it would actually threaten your makeup! Little drops of sweat (or little drops of rain!) here and there can rapidly ruin your makeup and leave you with a photo album that does not meet your initial expectations. If you know that it is likely to rain or to be burning hot on your wedding day, you should discuss applying waterproof makeup with the professional who will take care of you a few hours before the actual ceremony.

4. Extreme heat

Yes, extreme heat can have a sad effect on your makeup, but it is not the only potential thing it could do! Extreme heat could make your guests uncomfortable throughout the ceremony and dinner. To avoid having people fanning paper sheets and napkins in their face all day long, you should think about putting up a bunch of small resting areas with chairs and tables where a tree, a parasol or a tent makes some shade. You should also ensure that there are enough refreshments and beverages to quench everybody’s thirst from the first minute to the last. Finally, if you can do it, why not set up a generator under the tent so that a few fans can push some wind in the direction of your guests?

5. Everyone gets stung

Bees and insects are not only a challenge for your caterer: they also are a challenge for the whole preparation of your wedding. You can be sure that flies and mosquitoes will love it when the sun starts going down and food still smells! You do not want your guests to focus on not getting stung instead of on having fun throughout the night. For that reason, it is quite important to plan enough citronella candles that will keep the bugs away. Maybe you should also think about bringing some insect repellent liquid lotion… This could be quite appreciated by your guests who absolutely cannot stand those flying creatures!

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