Wedding Registry Trends 2013

I am very pleased to have Hana Abaza, Co-founder & CEO of as out guest blogger. This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, do business in the wedding industry, or are simply a wedding enthusiast (you know who you are… not getting married, but just can’t stay away from the wedding section on Pinterest — don’t worry you’re not alone!) you know that the wedding planning process is going through a major overhaul.

From documenting your wedding plans on Facebook to the use of new tech tools to plan your wedding — the industry is finally catching up to the needs of todays couples.

An area where this is most apparent is wedding gift registries. Previously bound to traditional big box stores with limited choices (think toasters and tea towels), couples now have so much more flexibility. And they need it. Couples are older and most are living together before marriage, eliminating the need for many of the traditional gifts.

That said there are some tried and true “traditional” gifts that are still popular. Take the iconic Kitchen Aid Mixer. It’s been around for almost 100 years. But it’s a product that seems to have evolved with the times.

So what are the rising trends when it comes to wedding registries in 2013? Here’s an infographic based on an analysis of 15,000 gifts across a universal registry. This means couples weren’t tied to a particular store, but had the flexibility to add anything they wanted. Take a look at the results; they might surprise you.

Are you in the process of creating a wedding registry? What gifts do you want? How many stores will you register at? Have you considered registering for experiences instead of stuff?

We’d love to hear your wedding registry plans for 2013!