Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Registries

I am very pleased to have Hana Abaza, Co-founder & CEO of  WeddingRepublic.com as out guest blogger for the next two weeks. 

When you’re planning your wedding there are a lot of firsts. Your first wedding dress, your first bachelorette party, and your first time setting up a wedding registry.


Unfortunately, this isn’t a “learn from your mistakes” scenario since (hopefully!) you won’t get the chance to do it again.

One of the most confusing aspects of your wedding is often the wedding registry. Not only are you expected to figure out exactly what gifts you need that will last the rest of your lives (no pressure) but you’re also expected to know the proper wedding registry etiquette which is changing as couples from this generation approach marrying age.

In an effort to clear things up when it comes to wedding registries, we’ve created the definitive wedding registry guide – absolutely everything you need to know to make sure you get what you want, while keeping your guests happy.

Regardless of where you plan to register, be sure to understand the basics and the etiquette involved. More importantly, be sure to come up with a strategy between you and your fiancé to decide exactly what you need and want for your future.

Here are a few quick tips from the guide to get you started:

Wedding Registry Quick Tip 1

Are you feeling guilty at the thought of requesting wedding gifts? Don’t! Remember: it’s not selfish to create a wish list of gifts for your wedding. The reality is, your family and friends are going to give you weddings gifts – you’re just providing direction!
Wedding Registry Quick Tip 2

Have you considered an online wedding registry? Online registries provide much more flexibility than the traditional big box retailers since they aren’t limited by store stock availability or selection.

Wedding Registry Quick Tip 3

Want a bit of everything? It’s not uncommon to set-up more than one registry. Register at a big box store for linens and tableware, and create an online registry for bigger items like honeymoons and house down payments!

Wedding Registry Quick Tip 4

Are you struggling with how much to put on your registry? While the number will vary by guest, a good starting point is $150, which is the average amount each guest will gift. Multiply this by the number of guests you’re inviting to decide the overall value of your registry.

Wedding Registry Quick Tip 5

Don’t forget to vary your price points! Start with a base of $25 or $50, and then increase incrementally. This way you can include those guests who can only afford a modest amount.

To get more tips, etiquette insights and great gift ideas, download the Free Wedding Registry Guide for everything you need to know! 

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