Wedding Day Disasters in 2013: Knowing Your Plan B

For the superstitious, 2013 might seem like a daunting year to be making significant life changes – like getting married. For those that never spill the salt and handle mirrors with only the lightest of touches, the prospect of a hitch whilst getting hitched in 2013 is a very real concern. The year 2013 is not set to be fraught with any more wedding day disasters than its predecessors. Nonetheless, problems can arise during the most important day of your life, no matter how well you plan and prepare.

Nobody looks happy with a wedding in the rain
Nobody looks happy with a wedding in the rain

These problems don’t have to turn into disasters though. With a few crafty back-up plans just-in-case, you can ensure your wedding day is one to be remembered for the right reasons – and not for the silent disco or hungry guests.

The Weather – Mother Nature has always done as she pleases, and should she be feeling the need to release some water retention then she won’t be making any exceptions – not even on your wedding day! This concern is tops any couple getting married outdoors, and certainly isn’t an impossible or rare occurrence when a wedding has been booked many months in advance. If you live in an area where the weather can be unpredictable, choosing a venue with an indoor space to move into should the Heavens open is the safest option. No one wants a soggy ceremony.

No Shows – No, not your partner getting cold feet at the last minute but the photographer, entertainment, catering, beauty-team or any other service you may have hired. I’ve seen enough of these ruin a perfectly planned wedding. Taking plenty of time to read independent reviews and testimonials before hiring anyone is a good way to gauge the reliability and professionalism of any company or service. Ensure that you discuss a Plan B with any vendor in case of problems.

Protect – Should you encounter the larger problems which escalate to disasters, or worse yet have to cancel your wedding day altogether due to illness or death, wedding insurance can at least provide some monetary compensation so you’re not left out of pocket. A lot of people are unsure as to whether insuring their wedding day is right for them, however given the amount of money that couples spend on that all important day (an average of around $27,000) there is a lot at stake. Various types of cover protect you from different things, so think about your situation and do your research carefully. Cover can protect against all aspects of your wedding; from cancelling due to extreme weather conditions, no show services (such as the cost of alternative travel arrangements, or non-refundable deposits), supplier deposits (in the case of liquidation or bankruptcy on their part), all the way to covering wedding attire and rings. Most of all however, it gives you peace of mind knowing that if a situation does arise that’s out of your control, being thousands of dollars out of pocket won’t be the salt in your wound.

A wedding is often regarded as an important day of our lives. That alone can certainly amp up the pressure, stress and worry when it comes to planning everything. Incorporating back up plans can really help keep the disasters at bay. However, it’s also important to remember that should a situation occur which can’t be saved – it’s NOT the end of the world. Sure, it might ruin an aspect of your day, but remember what your wedding day is really all about…marrying your love. By your diamond anniversary, you’ll look back and laugh at the other stuff.