Wedding on the Balcony at Canadian Museum of Nature

This was a new twist for a wedding ceremony at the Canadian Museum of Nature. A first for the museum in performing a wedding ceremony on the balcony overlooking the Rotunda.

How cool it is to have a wedding at the Canadian Museum of Nature! You get to look that the dinosaurs. If you are lucky you may feel that ghost that reported haunts the “castle” built in 1912 to look like a Scottish baronial dwelling.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is certainly a favored spot in Ottawa to host both the wedding ceremony and reception. We are blessed in Ottawa with many National Museums that open their doors to weddings. My experience in every one has been superb. The location and staff are professional. They make your day happen.

As is standard practice,  you can only have access to the space after closing. So it means that typically a wedding ceremony occurs at about 5:30 pm followed by a cocktail hour and full dinner reception. In terms of photography, brides and grooms usually will have an afternoon shoot with a private reveal and then a short shoot following the ceremony.

The two most popular spots for ceremonies are the Queen’s Lantern room and the 4th floor reception room.

Queen’s Lantern Room
4th Floor Reception Room

Meredith and Rob wanted to use a different location at the museum. The Rotunda room was recently re-decorated and it offered a unique round space for the reception. It easily fit the 100 guests in attendance.

The Rotunda seen from the balcony

The ceremony was performed on the balcony. They made a small platform and cute backdrop with a heart shape on it. It was a little tight but we all fit in. The museum staff pivoted the pot lighting so that we could be illuminated. As with all the spaces at the museum, I insist on using a microphone so that everyone can hear the service. The two reasons for sound amplification are that all the rooms are large and the museum has a ventilation system with a background sound.

During the ceremony everyone was gathered on the round balcony and had a great view of the couple. The museum’s sound technician was able to accommodate my wireless headset and an additional wireless microphone for special guests to do some readings. The signing was done at a cocktail table that is visible on the right of the photo.

At the end of the ceremony, Meredith and Rob were thrilled. Everyone went down the stairs to the Rotunda were the reception ensued. Congrats!

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  1. I think museums are lovely places to get hitched and are surprisingly popular where I live. At least four of my friends married in a museum.

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