It’s All About the Wedding Dress, Rings and Shoes!

I see it in every wedding photographer‘s portfolio. So I am always on the hunt for vendors who offer unique wedding dresses, rings and shoes. I found a few inspirations at the October 2012 Ottawa Fashion Week.

Every wedding photographer’s portfolio from a bridal shoot contains photos of the wedding dress, the rings and the shoes. They seem to be a staple. Brides will spend lots of time find the right dress/rings/shoes that match her personality and style.

Whenever I am at a show, I am on the lookout for unique and creative vendors for those three categories of wedding accoutrement. I like to find special items and promote local artists who create them.

My schedule only allowed me to attend the last day of the October 2012 Ottawa Fashion Week. I had hoped to attend all three days, but it did not work out. I tremendously enjoyed the fabulous dress and accessories designers.

The Dress: Two of the designers offered wonderful  dresses that could be used in a white wedding Elena Hinke and Jeff Garner. Hinke exhibits a very tailored and classic design while Garner goes for the romantic vintage look.

Design by Elena Hinke
Jeff Garner design

The Rings: I had a lot of fun chatting with Zahara Jewllery who only works with local artists. Zahara creates one of kind jewellery for each person. For those ultimate romantic do-it-yourself couples, you can make your own wedding bands at their workshop. Their one-day workshop is designed for individuals with no previous jewellery-making experience, or artistic abilities. You get your hands dirty while sawing, filing, forming, soldering and polishing your ring to perfection. If your design requires extra attention, they will  add any details, such as stone setting and hand engraving, to give your rings the final touch.

The ShoesI was really excited when I met Carla Tilt from Tilted Shoes ( Carla is a props person at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton.  She’s combines her love of shoes and skills in painting to create one of a kind Hand Painted Shoes – Wearable Art. She can take new or used shoes and paint them to reflect your wedding theme or personality. Talk about a fashion statement for your wedding outfit! Take your comfy dress shoe and send it to her for a new look. No more sore feet for your wedding day.

Ottawa Fashion Week is so full of fashion inspiration. Can’t wait for the next one.