Totally Squared is Totally Delicious

I won a sampler of Totally Squared‘s nummy treats this week! Oh boy, are they nummy. Did I say they were nummy? You better get some – because they are nummy.

It is one of those modern wonders called Twitter. I got a notice that I won a sampling of dessert squares. “Very cool!” I thought to myself. I immediately went to their website and was thrilled that they offered a gluten free option! They are not certified GF free but do as much as I do in keeping things clean and separate.

The doorbell rang and there was Vanessa Sevc smiling face with my box. I invited her in for a chat while Sweetheart immediately went to cut some pieces of the 5.5″ x 8.24″ slab of gourmet lemon squares. The slab can be cut up into six dessert size pieces or 24 bite size ones. I was in taste heaven with the wonderfully fresh tart flavor of lemon and light sweetbread that was not too sweet.

Vanessa started Totally Squared in November of 2011 and is really pleased at their progress. They are an on-line made-to-order deliver-to-your-door bakery! An exciting alternative to muffins, cookies and cupcakes is how Vanessa describes her wares.

Vanessa remembers baking from the age of six. She’d help her mum make squares. It seemed to her that whatever the event, mum would make squares. They use to tease her all the time about it. Now that she is on her own, Vanessa finds squares have a homey honesty about them – a tradition that’s been past to her.

Totally Squared can usually deliver within 48 hours. Whether you are needing to bring something to an upcoming get together or want a mixed tray for your wedding sweet table, these squares can add a wholesome new taste dimension. They would be great for bachorlette parties, baby showers and appreciation gifts too! And since they are home-baked and delivered to your door – they are an excellent value.

Here are some pictures from Totally Squared’s site that are mouth-watering. Did I say they were nummy?

Butter Tart

Chocolate Cranberry
Key Lime
Peanut Butter Nanaimo