A Fun Way to Collect & Share Wedding Photos in Real Time

There are two trends I’ve noticed in weddings; guests are taking pictures and they are texting. Wouldn’t you like a way to collect all those photos and text streams? And see them now? There is a great app called Capsule which allows you to do just that.

Imagine being able to see your wedding day from every angle – in real time! I checked out a new mobile app called Capsule that was built to help you capture and share everything before, during, and after your big day! The process only takes a few minutes and was designed to be easy and fun! Capsule works on both iPhone and Android platforms.

Display from Capsule

This is a great app to share with your guests. You select an inexpensive package for your wedding size and invite guests to join in and share their photos and texts before, during and after the event. It is free to your guests.

Capsule enables guests to take photos and sync their shots automatically to a private, online collection for the wedding party to enjoy for years to come. Off-line shots can be uploaded and added to the couple’s “wedding capsule” later as well.

There are other great features too. All photos are stored in original resolution format and can be printed. Photo albums are updated in real time and seen by all people who joined. The photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Guests can stream text to comment, add captions and location to the photos.

This is a super fun mobile app. I can see it replacing those disposable cameras that I see at receptions. It is a fabulous way to instantly collect and share everyone’s photos of the event, instead of chasing them down later.