Getting Married in a Church by an Officiant

Couples are moving away from having an official religious church wedding. They come to officiants like me to have a ceremony that represents their commitment and their life. You can have an officiated wedding in a  church setting.

The facts show that more couples are opting to not have a religious church-based wedding. In most places in North America, the number of church weddings has gone below 50% of all weddings performed. Brides and grooms are turning to civil marriages at the City Hall and officiants like me. City Hall performs a standard ceremony while I personalize and deliver a ceremony at a location of the couple’s choice.

However, the setting of a church is romantic and exudes tradition. Wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds if you could have a wedding in a church personalized by an officiant?

Well you can. Many churches are facing financial difficulties and are seeking alternate ways of raising funds. Some are renting out their sanctuaries for officiated weddings.

This July wedding took place at Southminister United Church on Bank Street. A lovely old church that is perfect for a wedding. The staff were very accommodating in helping me figure out the sound system and letting me move the alter. The decorations were organized by Marry Me Productions with flowers from Full Bloom. Photos were taken by Union Eleven Photographers.

When the bride walked in, she took my breath away. There is nothing like a church entrance for a bride.

The traditional ceremony went very well and the couple were so happy afterwards. Churches do have magic in them in creating a sense of majesty about the event.

I find that churches are becoming more open to the idea of renting their sanctuaries for a non-denominational wedding. It certainly is worth asking if they would allow an officiant into their midst to perform a wedding.


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