A Shaman-led Mayan Destination Wedding Ceremony Idea

If you loved the exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Maya – Secrets of Their Ancient World you may consider having an authentic Mayan wedding performed. And get legally married before you leave.

The ancient Maya civilization rose to incredible heights over 1,500 years ago, then mysteriously faded away, leaving behind its jungle cities, grand pyramids and wondrous artifacts.  The Canadian Museum of Civilization answers the questions behind their culture in MAYA – Secrets of Their Ancient World, May 18, 2012 to October 28, 2012.

If you really are fascinated by the exhibition of  a civilization that once thrived from southern Mexico to the northern tip of South America, then you could consider travelling to Mexico for an authentic Mayan wedding.

The Grand Velas Riviera Maya now offers a Mayan Wedding ceremony for couples interested in authentic wedding experiences on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast. The Mayan culture-infused wedding ceremony features sacred blessings from a Shaman, an ocean ritual, a Mayan song and instrument ceremony.

A highlight of the Mayan ceremony is the Shaman’s blessing and union of the couple’s Tzolkins, the Mayan version of a horoscope calculated using each person’s name and date of birth to determine their individual potential and true vocation. The Shaman also honors the Mother Earth through the 7 directions (upward – cosmic energy, downward – mother earth, to the four winds and in the center – the heart, temple of love). He invokes the energies to come down and unify the couple, and then asks the force of the ocean to wash away all negative energies the couple does not need. A sacred blessing follows, as well as a ceremony to join the couple’s hearts accompanied by Mayan song and native instruments.

Mayan Wedding Ceremonies at Grand Velas Riviera Maya start at $450 USD, for two people. Rate does not include hotel stay.  Reservations must be made by March 31, 2013 and events may be held up to July 30, 2014. For more information or booking, contact gvweddings@grandvelas.com or visitwww.velasweddings.com.

As with most destination weddings, I suggest you get a small legally performed wedding ceremony before you leave. Then you don’t need to deal with the variety of legal requirements in various countries – like blood tests, affidavits in Spanish and foreign language documentation and bureaucracies.