Something fishy about this wedding

He is a gentle giant of a man and she is full of energy. I encourage couples to personalize their ceremony and coordinate it with their decor. This one was rather fishy.

It was a gorgeous day for a wedding on the Kemptville College grounds with temperatures around 22 C. The couple had taken my advice to get enough electrical cord for power during the ceremony. The DJ could play and there was a microphone set up. All was ready for the bride’s processional.

During the ceremony I asked the audience:

“Do you, the families and friends of Bobby and Shannon, give them your blessing and utmost support, wishing them a wonderful life together- Shoe-shopping and fishing expeditions included?”

Bobby is a big fishing enthusiast, escaping whenever he can to the local river on his boat.

When I perform a handfasting, I usually am given a long piece of satin with which to tie their hands. Not here – it was a boat buoy with a nylon rope. It was a little more challenging to tie them together!

But it all tied in nicely with the decor inside Purvis Hall. Their cake was three tiers with a waterfall and was topped by two fish with a heart between them. So Cute.