Are You Ready For 12/12/12?

Let the 12/12/12 countdown begin!- Guest post by Larry James.

December 12, 2012 will be a huge day for brides-to-be this year! Some say that the ancient Mayan civilization believed the world would end in 2012. Other people say the Mayans did not believe this. We are on the brink of discovering who is right. In the meantime, we can begin planning a truly auspicious event; your wedding!

12_12_12Hooray! You’re hubby will actually be able to remember your wedding date: 12/12/12. Although it’s a Wednesday, the people who matter and really care will be there. Some wedding venues offer discounts on weekdays.

Couples have enjoyed the opportunity to have an easy wedding anniversary date to remember with dates like 01/01/01, 02/02/02 and 03/03/03, etc., and destination wedding venues for those special dates often sell out 6 to 9 months in advance.

Triple Digit Trivia – These wedding dates will not happen again for 89 years until the year 2101 when it will run again for twelve years. For each of these dates, twice per day, in the morning, A.M. and in the evening, P.M., the year, day, hour, minute and second will be the same.

If you plan on taking advantage of this very special wedding date – you may want to start booking, like, yesterday. It’s not too late though.

Make it a destination wedding in Arizona! In December, the weather here is terrific, whereas in other parts of the U.S. they are shoveling snow. The near ideal weather in December allows for many outdoor wedding venue options. Country clubs, resorts, golf clubs and private gathering spots are abundant in Arizona. The average temperature is a perfect 70 degrees.

12_12_12anniversaryIn the desert, we do December differently. The winter grass is growing, the palms swaying are in the breeze. We decorate our houses and the cacti in our desert yards with chile pepper lights while wearing our t-shirts and shorts. We also drive around town looking at the Christmas lights in our convertibles with the top down. ;-)


• Have 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen = 12 in your wedding party.
• Have the magic words, “I now pronounce you husband and wife” occur at 12:12 p.m. on 12/12/12.
• Have Twelve Drummers Drumming. ;-)

If you know someone who will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary, it might be good to suggest that have a “renewal of vows” ceremony on 12/12/12.

If you are choosing a special calendar date wedding, chances are that other brides are also choosing it for the same reason so be sure to pick your day, book the wedding venue and hire the Wedding Officiant (in that order). As 12/12/12 quickly approaches, get a head start on the wedding rush and book your wedding vendors now!

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