@The Space Is An Exciting & Creative Venue For An Intimate Wedding

Walk up the stairs of an old Bank St building and you’ll find an exciting new space for intimate weddings. It feels like a large exquisite living room for hosting your ceremony and reception. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for an informal wedding.

Beautiful as is. Spread across 1,500 square feet and two stories, @The Space was designed to encourage creativity and connecting. The Lounge is an industrial-chic area joined with a modern and vibrantly coloured kitchen.  The concrete walls and exposed brick are adorned by art from local artists.  It is set with cozy seating nooks and space for conversing amongst unique collectables and luxurious decor. The main room is the lounge which can hold 65 guests whereas the upstairs Annex can have 25 people.

I met with Malorie Bertrand, manager of @The Space

The venue is very flexible. They have a Boss I-pod docking sound station available in the Lounge which is perfect for events. Alternatively, you can bring in a DJ specifically for your event. They accept outside food as well (even if it’s coming from your own kitchen!) If you’re using a catering company, they may have restrictions around combining their food service for insurance or other regulatory concerns, so this will be something you’ll discuss with them when planning your wedding. If you are bringing in your own alcohol, you will need to apply for an Ontario Special Occasions Permit. @The Space has several tables in the lounge and 2 long tables that can be set up.

Decorate away! That’s part of the fun of having a wedding here. You just need to make sure that their paint and floors aren’t damaged after you are gone. Your rental fee pays for the use of everything already in the space – the tables, chairs, and decorations. If you require additional tables and chairs, these need to be arranged separately.

I found the people @The Space really friendly, relaxed and open to ideas. There are not many Ottawa locations that offer the flexibility, size, and luxury decor that @The Space offers. I see this as the perfect venue for a small cocktail style wedding!