The Wind Is Up & All Is On The Hazard.

The Wind Is Up & All Is On The Hazard is a paraphrase from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (Act 5, Sc 1). I witness the hazards of not planning for sudden gusty wind conditions at outdoor weddings. It is second to rain as the most disruptive issue for ceremonies.

Courtesy Barb Cameron Studios

If there is one place in the Ottawa area where I am most fearful of a sudden gust of wind, it would be anywhere along the banks of the Ottawa River. The wind tunnels down the valley and then you have trouble. One minute it is a calm sunny day, and the next it is blustery. It has happened to me at many venues along the river; Fairmont Montebello, Rockcliffe Park, Museum of Civilization, Britannia Yacht Club, and Pinhey’s Point to name a few.

What can be disrupted by a stiff wind?

Your Veil will become a sail and can fly over your head. You will ungracefully struggle to bring it under control. I had one bride at the Britannia Yacht Club whose veil tore off her head as she walked down the aisle. Luckily, a guest in the last row grabbed it before it plunged for a swim.

Your Flower Arrangements will come tumbling down. If they are in glass containers, those will break and cause one heck of a mess. Make sure they are well secured. The flower arrangement in this picture looked fine. They had rocks at the base. Five minutes later when the bride had just walked up to meet her groom,  a gust came. This flower arrangement was sent into the musicians laps and the other crashed onto the Maid of Honor beside me.

Anything on the Signing Table can go a-fluttering-away. Table cloths and decorations on the signing table are sure to be dislodged. I always ensure that I am holding on to the paperwork at these venues. I don’t want to be chasing a marriage license down the lawn.

Your Arch will sway and lean in funny angles. If there is any cloth on the structure, it will catch the wind. It may even fall over. And this goes for any other items. I was at the West Carleton where the couple had six remote video cameras, on tripods, capturing the moment from different angles. The wind picked up and down went the cameras. We had to pause the ceremony for a few minutes while several people scrambled to recover them.

So batten down the hatches as the saying goes and enjoy your day. At least with a little wind, there are no mosquitoes!