It’s All in the Family Wedding

I am sitting with a couple at my usual ‘office’ coffee shop location. She says to me, “You performed my sister’s wedding on New Year‘s Eve!” I feel so complimented and privileged that I can become their family officiant.

Her sister’s New Year’s Eve wedding was memorable at the Side-Door Restaurant. I performed this wedding at Lagos in the Dow’s Lake Pavilion. It is a wonderful location overlooking the lake. However, on a Friday afternoon, there is a lot of traffic congestion that delayed many guests’ arrival. No worries, the bride was comfortably situated in a bus enjoying some pre-nuptial champagne.

With all the folks accounted for we were ready to start the wedding. I took a quick pic of the bride with her sister before proceeding.


I got the girls all lined up and walked down the aisle to join the groom. He is quite the joker. He yells at me as I am half way down the aisle, “Alan, where have you been all my life!” Of course everyone bursts out laughing and I give the groom a big hug in merriment. There was a bit of a shock as the bride then made her entrance by walking down the aisle to Metallica!

As I start the ceremony I see many familiar faces from the NYE wedding. Their vows were sweet and emotional. We had a champagne toast at the end and off they went for cocktails. It felt good to be around a welcoming audience… like family. I am so humbled and grateful when I am seen as the family officiant for celebrations such as weddings and baptisms. In my small way, I sense that I enhance our feelings… of community… of family.