Créations Lucas – The Art of the Unique Engagement Ring

You can see the towering National Art Gallery (NAG) from his shop on Sussex Drive.  Just as the NAG displays art within its glassed structure, you can experience the art that Luc Laframboise, Jewellery Designer & Master Goldsmith, displays in his glass cases. Créations Lucas specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind diamond and rare gemstone jewellery.

Luc learned to work with jewellery over 35 years ago from his father. He trained to become a designer and has nurtured his love of creating fine jewellery. His shop has been located in the Byward market for the past 15 years. He had just opened for the day and was carefully setting out the display cases when we chatted about his art.

When I asked how business was he said the demand for his unique designs keeps growing. Luc computerized the design and model making with the addition of a CNC digital carving unit six years ago and recently added a state-of-the-art digital phototyper. Going digital not only allows him to have a faster turn around and a perfectly sculpted product. Luc excited exclaims that it has really “expanded his abilities as an artist forever – to go further with designs.”

Most of his clients come in for one-of-a-kind rings made with Canadian diamonds. Luc sits with each client for one and a half hours discussing exactly what they want for their ring(s). He then produces a 3D design on a computer that he shows the bride and groom. Because it is digital, they will get exactly what they wanted as shown.

Using the digital phototyper allows him to etch very fine details into the ring. As a result, he has virtually no limitations for creating that unique ring for a bride or groom. They can come in with any idea and he will make it work. He sees brides ordering a larger band for the engagement ring. This allows him more room carve intricate details into the metal and use various sizes and multiple diamonds.

What does the future hold for Luc? Luc has won awards from the Canadian Jewellers Association for his designs. He hopes to create a line of jewellery and market them internationally.

However, he cherishes the relationships he forges with his clients. It is obvious that Luc has a passion for his art and his wedding clients. “They become friends” he says as we conclude our visit. I agree. Each bride and groom uniquely contributes to the lexicon of our lives. And so Luc loves to create rings that match the uniqueness of each couple.