Mark Cooper Photography Creates Sensational Wedding Memories

Dramatic fashion-style photography is how most people would describe Mark Cooper’s photographic art. He and his team of photographers are passionate about creating sensational wedding photos that will last a lifetime.
We were fiddling around with his newest computer display that will debut at the April Ottawa Wedding Show. It is part of his marketing strategy to make an impact and get noticed among the plethora of other vendors. While playing with the settings, he was relating to me that he has been in photography for about twenty years, ten of which were in the fashion industry. For the last six years, he has assembled a team of ‘shooters’. His photographic service is probably the most prolific in Ottawa. Focusing on making a marketing statement at bridal events is indeed important for him.

Mark maintains total creative control of the art. A new ‘2nd shooter’ must train with him for at least a year before he will allow them to be a ‘1st shooter’ representing his company. They must accompany him on the busy fifty weddings a year that Mark personally photographs. Photo editing is processed by one person so that the Mark Cooper dramatic fashion look is consistently applied. A bride and groom can be assured that they will get the photos they imagined when they chose him to capture their important event.

Brides and grooms get what they want, Mark affirms, great pictures, a great experience at a great value. Mark Cooper Photography aims to make wedding photography simple. He offers an all inclusive package which includes the majority of services and products requested by clients as an alternative to selecting from numerous a la carte options.
“This is a great business,” says Mark, “You get to hang out with happy people.” I found the same thing. On one day, you make a big impact on a couple’s lives. His advice to brides and grooms considering wedding photographers is to consider that there is only one shot for your wedding photography. A professional wedding photographer is expected to deliver high quality images every time under any circumstances that arise. Therefore, you should look for a photographer who has depth, diversity, style and the right “feel” in the images.
We go back to figuring out the new display technology. It is part of keeping on top of a quickly moving industry – honing new skills while keeping an eye on delivering great photos.



  1. I’ve always been a great fan of his eye behind the lens. I am glad to see that he has earned the respect that his talent and creativity deserves.
    Lisa Boutilier

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