Venue Not Available For A Wedding Rehearsal? Plan A Rehearsal Anywhere

I don’t run rehearsals very often. However, they are sometimes necessary. For this couple, the bride just immigrated from Romania. I felt that we needed to have a rehearsal to reassure her. Since the venue was not available we stepped through a rehearsal in their apartment building‘s party room.

It was a really special wedding for me. I conducted a wedding for the grooms brother in October. Everyone was so pleased with that ceremony that I was invited to perform a wedding at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Hall. I was touched and thrilled to accept.

Alexandra and Andrew met and fell in love in Romania. It was difficult decision for Alexandra to immigrate to Canada – but love prevailed. I can imagine how nervous and unsure she felt in this new land that is to become her home. To reassure her that all would go well, I felt that we needed to hold a rehearsal. The venue was unavailable. We improvised in an informal setting – their apartment building’s party room.

I met with both of them to go over all the legal aspects of the wedding.

We went over the ceremony and planned our next steps.

We practiced walking down the aisle.

And I showed Andrew how to hold Alexandra’s hand for the hand-off from her parents.

We went through the signing, vows and…


The wedding was beautiful. St. Lawrence Hall has gas-lit chandeliers and huge 30 foot ceilings. A special venue for a special couple in love!

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