The Bride In A Red Wedding Dress

The white wedding dress is now the quintessential fashion statement for a bride. I’ve seen many variations over the years. However, only three brides have chosen a red dress for their wedding.

I come through the door at home after performing a wedding ceremony and yelp “Hello!” to my Sweetheart. Being a costume creator she is ever curious. “So, what was the dress like?”

In the early days, I would answer like any man. “White” I’d retort. She’d give me a look of disgust and walk away shaking her head mumbling something about men and color blindness. Men think in VGA color which only has 16 shades. I am now more educated in the way women think of color which is infinitely more nuanced.

Now when I come home, I can tell her it is white, off-white, egg shell, taupe, tan, champagne, silver, ivory or buttercup. I’ve even learned the different styles and materials to satisfy her curiosity. Often I take a picture so I don’t have to embarrass myself.

By far, the vast majority of brides choose a wedding dress whose color falls in those listed above. It makes it easy for me to spot the bride in the crowd… and for me to report back. Only three brides have opted to go for a red wedding dress. It is intriguing that they chose red; not green or blue or orange but red. All three have been stunning.

One bride wore a red dress for a December wedding and was absolutely beautiful against the white snow. The second was my daughter whose wedding is unforgettable. The third happened last weekend at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. When I arrived, the bride, groom and parties were taking pictures just off the main lobby.

She looked so happy in her gown – getting ready for her wedding. There is something magical about a bride and groom posing for pictures. I caught some little girls peeking around a corner, giggling and admiring the bride. I can only image what dreams were going through their heads.

After the pictures, we went upstairs to perform their ceremony which went off without a hitch. Of course, now I had a new problem. I knew going home I needed to answer the question “What color was the dress?” and I realized that “Red” wouldn’t cut it!