Barbara Ann Studios Wedding Photography – Capturing the Authentic Bride and Groom

I first met Barbara Cameron (Barbara Ann Studios) four years ago at a wedding in a downtown Ottawa hotel. Maybe because we worked a couple of more weddings together that summer or that we both are from the maritimes – whatever the reason – we hit it off. Her dedication to capturing the authenticity of people is what makes her art inspirational.

Barbara Ann Studios was named one of the 2011 Top Inspirational Wedding Photographer in Canada with Wedding Bells Magazine.  Her images are featured in numerous publications including Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Perfect Wedding Magazine. Barb is a featured speaker and recognized at the 2012 Canada Photo Convention as one of the best wedding photographers from Canada and the United States.

Barb is a vivacious woman with a quick sense of humour that stems from the maritimes. I asked her how she approaches her photography. She remarked that she pays attention to the technical details of photography; lighting, equipment settings, poses and composition, that is to be expected of any experienced photographer. However, she more importantly searches for the emotional component in any shot – looking for those unique glamorous and romantic moments when couples are together. Capturing what people authentically reveal about their emotions is what makes her images inspiring.

When are those moments in a wedding? The special moments happen when the bride and groom steal a private minute together. They look at each other and, in that instant, you hear hushed words like “You look beautiful”, “It’s finally happening”, and “I love you”. I’ve caught Barb’s eye after she’s taken such a shot and notice we both have tears from witnessing deep emotions.

Aside from the special moments that occur in a ceremony, Barb is on the lookout during the rest of the day for romantic occasions. They can happen during the standard posed shots or any time when the bride and groom are together. Instead of taking hundreds of photos, her experience guides her when to take the great shots. She labours to create a great photo for the bride and groom. It may take her twenty minutes to set up but only fetches three minutes of the couple’s time to execute. She aspires to tell the story of the bride and groom from their authentic selves.

Barb is exploring new angles in photography. She has developed a keen sense of how to shoot a plus size bride so that she is glamorous – this subject is the focus of her session at the Photo Convention. She is also exploring using fusion video to create short clips. We certainly had lots of fun shooting a music video for my Sweetheart as a Valentine’s Day surprise.

For Barb, weddings are fun because it involves different people in a spectrum of locations. The bride and groom are happy to be married and she is there to capture proof of their happiness during the day.