Quality Entertainment Services – The Idea That Grew

Twenty years ago Brian Henry and Scott Smith started with an idea- to start an entertainment company. Today Quality Entertainment Services (QES) is the largest DJ service in Canada. I chatted with Brian about what makes them successful.

There’s a lot to QES. From weddings to corporate events they supply music, live entertainment, decorative lighting, activity coordination, video services, pre-rerecorded or live ceremony music and oh yes, disc jockey services.  Their disc jockey service has been recognized by the Consumer’s Choice Award for 9 years in a row. QES is at every major gala and corporate event and you can see them at more than 700 weddings across Ottawa-Gatineau and the surrounding region.

Walking up the steps to Brian’s 2nd floor office, I overheard a discussion with Scott on the technical specifications of new lighting equipment. We got lost in geekdom for a bit while we traded technical tidbits. But when we came back to what made them successful, Brian zeroed in on three elements.

People – QES takes pride to have the right people on their roster to make your event successful. They have codes of conduct, check lists and training. There is always someone on-call as back-up. You will never worry about not having the DJ show up.

Infrastructure – All the music they use is legally purchased with paid rights. They have liability insurance to cover any mishaps that might happen. Their wedding coordinators pay attention to the details of your wedding to personalize your experience. Every day there is a technical crew on stand-by to respond to any technical equipment issues on site.

State of the Art Technology – Brian acknowledged that they are in a constant search for new ideas with emerging technology. As you can see in the pictures, QES has LED lighting for décor to fit any color theme the couple has chosen. It is amazing how adding décor lighting transforms a room.

For 2012, QES has launched a new multi-media wedding experience. At most weddings you see a video screen set up in the corner of the room that is dark all night until the couple show one 5 minute video.  Now, you can use those screens all night long with live video feed and music videos. The most unique service right now is Twitter. QES bring you a live Twitter feed right into your reception so guests can send happy wishes before, during and throughout the night by using a special hash tag set up for the couple. Another special add-on is the capability to Skype your event via webcam ( http://www.qualityentertainment.ca/videoclips-qe-wedd-promo-twitter.html ).

As we were wrapping up our time together, Brian and I agree on one subject that is often not addressed with whoever is performing the wedding ceremony. The biggest complaint from a wedding ceremony is that the officiant could not be heard. QES can bundle in a dedicated microphone for the ceremony.

I am looking forward to the first multi-media wedding ceremony with QES technology. I can image big screen live feed for the audience with broadcast on the net to remote friends and family – Twitter congratulations coming through at the end of the ceremony and segue to the reception party.