Words Such As ‘Together’ Reveal the Miracle of Love in Weddings

I work with brides and grooms to personalize their wedding ceremony so that it expresses what is in their hearts. What I say can elevate everyday words or phrases to new meanings for them. I can see the couple’s emotions when I pronounce words that reveal their connection.

The bride had overseen every detail for her wedding. Nothing was overlooked. Everything was planned and executed to her liking. And it looked wonderful. The Courtyard Restaurant’s room was shinning with the warm rays of candlelight for the ceremony.

Each seat had a well designed program and a streamer with which to greet the couple at the end.

The ceremony was equally judiciously crafted. It said exactly what they wanted. When I was preparing for the ceremony, I noted the emphasis on one word. The word ‘together’ was mentioned 15 times in the text. I figured that it had to be important for them.

Sure enough, when I was delivering the ceremony, whenever I said ‘together’, the bride and groom seemed to perk up. The bride would bounce up on her toes and smile in joy. I can only imagine how happy they must have felt when I said they “will be joined together as one.” Their kiss certainly showed how happy they were.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this happen. It is important for brides and grooms to have a meaningful wedding ceremony that brings out their connection. With a wedding ceremony that really resonate with who they are, we all are witness to the wonderful miracle of love.


  1. Alan, I can’t thank you enough for posting this piece on your journal – it is beautiful, and so true! We really enjoyed preparing our ceremony and all the special details of our wedding, which you helped us execute perfectly.

    Thank you a million times over!

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