Video Feeds Are a Easy Way to Include Remote Guests for Your Wedding Ceremony

Brides and grooms want to include as many people in their special day as they can. However, for many reasons, some cannot travel to the wedding venue. Live video & audio feeds can be the answer to connecting with everyone for your day.

The bride and groom make up their list of people whom they’d like to witness their joyous day. It is comprised of dear friends and family members. When the couple start receiving the responses to their invitations, they may be disappointed to discover that some of them cannot attend. It may be because they need to travel and your event is too far for them because of their age or health condition. Luckily today live video & audio streaming is easy and accessible and may be your answer to having them virtually attend.

Getting ready to go... with a video & audio feed to her grandparents on the floor below us.

I’ve performed several weddings where loved ones were watching the event through a live video & audio feed. It is a fabulous way to share with them your day – whether they are on another continent, another city or on another floor. There are three main considerations if you are wanting to have a live video & audio feed.

Technology. For the bride in the picture above, the venue did not have accessible options for her grandparents to reach the second floor. She had a video camera hooked up directly to the big screen TV in the dinning room on the main floor. Others have set up live streaming internet connections via a webcam. The internet connection is a little more technically demanding to set up but it is worth it. I’ve had weddings live broadcast to a special uncle in a hospital bed, or family members in different cities.

Lighting is crucial in a live video feed. Most venues do not have special dedicated lighting on the ceremony area. Cameras need lots of light for them to work well. Otherwise everything will seem dark on the live feed.

Sound testing is important. Most video cams have a small microphone. You’ll need to test whether it will pick up the sound in your venue. You may need to have sound amplification for the participants so that the camera microphone can work properly. If you have a direct microphone feed to the live streaming unit, that is even better. Check for wind and HVAC units  as these can cause annoying background noise.

I find it wonderful that we can now share the joy of a wedding anywhere in the world. Why not have a live feed for those guests who couldn’t come to your island destination wedding!