This year I made a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ Music Video for my Sweetheart.

“What should I give my Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?” I asked myself. This yearly question challenges us to come up with something creative that expresses your love for that special person in your life. An idea dawned. Maybe I could make a music video – with me singing one of her favorite love songs?

Yes that idea had merit. She loves its when I invest the time and energy to find the right gift. With my theatre and film experience – both on-stage/camera and off – I could pull this off. It took planning. I listened intently for her favorite songs and picked one that was meaningful to us… and that I could sing. I practiced it. I am so appreciative for my friends Kimbereley Dunn who played keyboard and Barbara Cameron who made the video. It was shot at the Jazz Options Lounge of the Brookstreet Hotel which features a red piano. What better for a Valentine’s Day visual?

The result – see for yourself.

Her reaction – It was the best present ever!