3rd Annual Web-by-Hand Show Huge Success – Including my Workshop on Wedding Ceremonies

This weekend was the 3rd annual Wed-by-Hand show at the Glebe Community Centre. The wedding show features vendors who focus on the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) couples. All the vendors are local artists who have a passion for weddings.

Wed By Hand is Ottawa’s DIY, handmade and eco-friendly wedding show. It features unique wedding vendors, workshops on how to DIY your wedding and samples of tasty treats from small-batch food producers. I was honoured by giving a workshop on tips for successful wedding ceremonies.

When I arrived there was a buzz in the place already. The show opened its doors at 11am to a line up of people. Lots of brides and grooms were exploring the show and eagerly chatting with vendors. I was thrilled to see the number of people waiting to get into the room for my workshop. I had a full room!

Here are a few questions that the audience had pressing on their mind about officiants and wedding ceremonies.

Q: Can I purchase my Marriage License anywhere in Ontario?

A: Yes you can as it is provincial administered. Prices and processing times may vary by municipality. Ottawa is reported to be the most expensive place to buy a license in Ontario at $160.

Q: Do you customize a ceremony?

A: Yes I do. After making sure the legal aspects of the Marriage Act are covered, I work with you to express what is in your hearts for your day.

Q: What do you wear?

A: Typically a black suit. But it depends on what the bride and groom want. I have worn a stole to imply a religious connection. I have dressed up for thematic weddings like a medieval or fantasy one.

Q: What is the protocol whether to ask an officiant to stay for dinner?

A: I am usually asked if I would like to stay and I decline them all. Unless the couple are very close friends, I personally do not stay for dinner. I usually have multiple weddings a day. After a day on the road, I am happy to go home and enjoy the evening with my Sweetheart.

Q: What about a tip?

A: I have received tips – but it is not an expectation.