Brrr Wedding – An Outdoor Ceremony in -20C Weather

A winter outdoor wedding can be very romantic. You can image being in a wooded area with fluffy snow on the trees painting a picturesque scene. The warmth of the couple exchanging their wedding vows would hearten the guests in attendance. Yes all this is true including the -20C bitter cold temperature that can accompany the day.

The set up was truly magical. About one hundred guests were taken to the wooded area for the ceremony by three sets of horse drawn sleighs. Snow had been cleared and packed at the ceremony site. The trees provided shelter from the wind. The only challenge was the -20C temperatures.

Most people were appropriately dressed. Guests huddled around a fire trying to keep warm. Nonetheless, it took around thirty minutes to transport all the guests to the site. Despite being bundled up myself, I was getting cold waiting for everyone to arrive.

The groom and his party arrived. I was astonished to see that they were only in suits and wearing regular shoes. When the bride and bridesmaids appeared in the sleigh, I was truly surprised. They were merely in strapless dresses and shawls! Upon seeing this, I wasted no time in starting the ceremony so that I could get these gals back to the warm reception hall.

Having pronounced them husband and wife, the couple kissed and we all headed back immediately on the waiting sleigh. The groom was shaking uncontrollably on the return trip – probably suffering from mild hypothermia. The bridesmaids made a dash for the hall once we stopped. Finally, settled in warmer quarters we took the time to sign all the paperwork to complete the wedding.

Hot apple cider and other beverages were waiting for the guests when they made their way back. I heard one guest laughingly tell the bride, “I will certainly remember YOUR wedding!”