I Love You…That’s How It Starts (Video)

I delivered this speech at Steve Lowell’s Your Stage breakfast club meeting in September 2011. It is based on a real wedding story.

I love you… that’s how it starts doesn’t it?

You look into each others eyes, you sense there’s a chemistry there, a great feeling and you know – they’re the one.

The next thing you realize is that you are heading down that aisle. And that’s where you meet me. I’m the guy who stands there and declares you married as a couple.

But there’s a dot dot dot with that isn’t there? For some, they dream of happily ever after, others til death do you part or others still “don’t I find you messed up with my best friend.”

I perform about 80 weddings per year and every time when I come home my Sweetheart asks “How did it go?” And I tell her of the love and affection that envelopes the event and how I love doing this because it is always such a happy time.

It was November 11, Remembrance Day, and I performed a wedding for Greg and Patty. It was his first and her second wedding. They were so happy. She had found the love of her life and he believed the same. “How did it go?” Sweetheart asked. “I didn’t like her smokers cough” I said. Other weddings came and went and I thought nothing of it until a call in January from Greg. “Alan, Patty has terminal lung cancer. We can’t treat it. All we can do is keep her comfortable.” My heart sank. “She’d like you to do her memorial service.”

July came and I sat with Patty to find out what she wanted said. She and Greg had moved to a smaller apartment. He had quit his job to dedicate his time taking care of her 24/7. Their families provided the financial support they needed. Every morning she saw the sunrise. Her only regret was taking so long to find her true love.

Patty died in October, never having seen her first wedding anniversary. The love that Greg and Patty had was so intense that it was worth a lifetime – it was a happily ever after and a til death do you part. It spoke of living today with the love or your friends, your family, your partner – not waiting for tomorrow.

I love you is how it starts. I love you is how it ends.