Followup to a Wedding: a Baptism

I really love hearing back from brides and grooms. Especially when they call me up to perform a baptism for their child. It is another opportunity to connect as a community in celebration of life.

I performed Alexis’s and Michael’s wedding just over a year ago in September 2010. I remember it well as it had a distinct Scottish theme to it. Michael was decked out in a kilt and had a claymore sword carried in. He even had a claymore sword brooch on his kilt (check out the picture below).

They asked me to perform their daughter’s baptism in Alexis’s mother’s home. It is so comforting to greet people I met over a year ago. Familiar faces with warm welcomes. I used a Scottish Quaich to hold the baptismal water. They named their daughter Lauren Victoria. Lauren because they thought it beholds a classic spirit. Victoria for its regal history representing strength, heritage, beauty and the ability to overcome obstacles. Victoria is also a family name.

Lauren was such a cutie during the whole event – readily holding my finger and giggling. I am so humbled to be part of peoples lives like this – to share love and life. To celebrate life’s milestones in our search for happiness.