Private Same-Sex Wedding in a Photographer’s Studio

The wedding was organized and set up in two weeks. The two ladies were coming up from the States for a private same-sex wedding. One of their friends knew local Ottawa photographer Andrew Van Beek and he made his studio available for the ceremony.

The ladies were coming in from the US to have a legal same-sex wedding ceremony. However, they did not want a big public display. They preferred to keep their wedding very private. Andrew Van Beek made his third floor studio in the Bytown Market available for the event. It was the perfect place for them. The studio is very bright and cheery which fit their emotions that day. Including myself and Andrew, there were maybe ten people present.

The wedding took place on a weekday morning. It was a wonderful and touching ceremony where they declared their love for each other. They cried with joy to be able to marry. Andrew captured the moments for them. Afterwards they had a small reception to mark the occasion before they headed to lunch.

View of the Studio set up for the wedding.

Couples are chosing to hold discreet wedding ceremonies with just very close friends and family. They may entertain a larger reception afterwards – but the ceremony is deemed a private moment. For these events, any small space can be fabulous – such as Andrew’s studio.

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