A Little English Fashion Showed Up for this Wedding

It was delightful to finally meet the bride and groom. They live in England and preparations for the ceremony were done through the phone or email. She had been in England long enough to bring an accent with her. She also brought a little of English fashion with her as well.

He carried her dress through two airports and this was the first time he saw it!

After several conversations via email and phone, I finally met the couple at the rehearsal. Both had English accents, although his was more pronounced than hers. I learned that she was from Ottawa and that was why they were back here for the wedding.

Her dress was a fabulous find from England. The groom had not seen her dress until she came out of the Strathmere Inn. Despite carrying it through two airports, seeing her in the dress was the first breathtaking time he saw it. It was satin dress with a halter top. The bodice and skirt were embroidered. She donned a gorgeous matching veil and bolero to complete the look. She said this was considered a little fun dress in England.

Of course, his family was in attendance. They brought British flare with them too. I could see hats and fascinators all over. So much fun to see people fashion up for an event!

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