You’re Married: And Then A Helicopter Ride To The Hotel

I love it when brides and grooms do something different for their wedding. It makes the day special for them to remember. It started out as a regular wedding at Rockcliffe Pavilion but finished as something else.

I perform many weddings at the Rockcliffe Pavilion because it is one of Ottawa’s favorite outdoor wedding location. Usually, it is conducted in the gazebo and the couple leave for the reception. In this case, they had the ceremony outside the gazebo – so at least we were in the sunlight and then a light lunch reception following inside the gazebo.

The bride arrived in a limo as planned. It was a beautiful ceremony on the steps of the gazebo with  a duet of violinists playing at key parts.

Once finished, the couple welcomed their guests to a catered lunch and cake inside. After the festivities, the couple made their way down the Rockcliffe Parkway to the Aviation Museum. There, still atired in her wedding outfits, they took a helicopter tour of the city and landed on the rooftop of the Sheridan Hotel for their Wedding Night stay. Wow! How romantic to be wisked away via helicopter instead of the usual limo ride.