Project Priceless: A Special Wedding Dress for a Exceptional Bride

The Project Priceless Wedding was one of the most individualized weddings I have ever seen. Brian and Jordan were true to their vision of their wedding. This was so evident with Jordan’s selection of her wedding dress. It was so … wonderfully Jordan.

The wedding dress is one of the signature pieces of any wedding. A bride will search endlessly until she has the “Ah Ha!” moment of finding the right one. The one dress that expresses who she is. Jordan realized early on in the Project Priceless experience that this may be the one element where they needed to purchase something. Nonetheless, she found her dress. Jordan found a white satiny bridemaid dress and set about adding special touches that expressed her style.

The strapless dress had taffeta flowers at the bottom. Brian and Jordan chose green and orange as their theme colors. So, Jordan sewed layers of  green and orange buttons into the center of the flowers to funk up the dress. She then got apple green tulle for under the dress. The dress was complimented with a necklace made by Morgan the White and a peacock fascinator from Flights of Fancy. She finished her look with a self-made  bracelet and button earings, an apple green sash of rick-rack and donned her cowboys. Voila.. there was the standout bride for the day!