Balloon Artist was Hit at Family Fun Wedding!

Brides and grooms struggle with the decision to include or exclude children at their wedding. Some do not want kids there. When you and most of your friends have kids, why not make the wedding a family fun day? This couple included a balloon artist as part of the fun.

It was his second marriage and he was bringing with him two young boys into the union. When I met them, the bride and groom stated that they were in the middle of bringing up a young family. Family was where their spent their time and focus. All of their friends were in the same situation. They decided to make their wedding family friendly so that everyone could relax and have a good time. I didn’t have to wear my suit!

They had the day well planned. I arrived and Brad the balloon artist was already hard at work. He had decorated the yard with balloon flowers and figures. It gave the backyard a whimsical feel and you could sense the fun.  The ultimate fun is that he created life size balloon models of the bride, groom and two boys including matching what they were wearing.

The short ceremony was focused on bringing a new family together. I performed a unity sand ceremony where everyone chose their own colors. I declared “Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your family be.” After an exchange of vows and rings, the bride, who is considerably shorter than the groom, stood on a stool for the kiss. And then the party began.

The kids loved the balloon models of themselves. Later, when the rest of the guests arrived, a hot dog vendor and a bouncy castle would provide more entertainment for the family fun wedding. This couple embraced the kids in their life and made their wedding day a fun day to remember for all.