3 Reasons Why Project Priceless is Priceless.

It was the culmination of ten months of efforts. Brian and Jordan had started a journey called Project Priceless with the simple aim of having a dream wedding as free-of-charge as possible. The method: the happy couple would borrow, trade, and accept offers of all the items and services that make up a wedding.

I learned of project priceless in the local newspaper at the onset of the adventure. Intrigued as to how this young couple would fare, I decided to trade my services so that they could have an officiant. They were very diligent in documenting their progress on their blog – both the good, the bad, and the frustrating. Planning a wedding is a stressful event in itself. Add to this trying to negotiate and be diplomatic with many people while wanting to stay true to your vision of a wedding. It was a hard road for them with many bumps, curves, stalls and broken mufflers.

Courtesy Shakira Whitton

The day came. It was full of pent-up emotions as it all gloriously unfolded. There were over 300 tweets on Twitter for the event (#ppwedding) and several blog entries followed. Brian and Jordan state that the wedding cost only about $200 in out-of-pocket costs. What is not stated is the cost in privacy, time and added anxiety this took to realize. Nonetheless, they are to be applauded for their efforts. Project Priceless remains priceless for three reasons:

The Ceremony: As with every couple, I emphasize that the ceremony is an expression of what is in their hearts. Brian and Jordan included many nature based rituals that reflect their values. Brian entered the ceremony space from the north, others in the bridal party from the east and west while Jordan joined him from the south. Symbolic items such as a geode representing earth, feather for air, and a seashell for water were placed on an alter. Their friend Kim smudged us with cedar to purify us prior to the ceremony and opened the circle in calling the four corners. I performed a handfasting to bind them in their vows. Brian and Jordan exchanged their own vows while both tearing up. Kim closed the circle whereupon I declared them married. The expression of their love is priceless.

The Wedding Vendors: All the wedding vendors from photographers, planner, cake supplier, candies etc were all excited about this event. We had a great time chatting with each other in realizing this day. We shared a common experience in making this successful and fun. We shared a special bond in making this happen, which is priceless.

The Couple: Brian and Jordan are a special team. They dreamed this up and with great determination – saw it through – together. I doubt that they imagined what this journey would be like when they began. Jordan is a vivacious and creative force and Brian is right there with her every step of the way – involved. You can sense the spirit of life and love in them and between them. It is a true marriage – and, that, is priceless.

I asked them what would be next after the wedding and the ending of Project Priceless. Brian quipped “Project Priceless: The Home Edition.” How true this is. Now, their priceless project is to live in a new entity call a marriage and build a home together.

I quote from their ceremony in ending this post: “We rejoice with Brian and Jordan in the life they now begin together. May they be blessed in their love, and their marriage, and may they each enjoy a healthy life filled with joy, love, strength, creativity and abundance.”


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